Kashif Izhar 11 February at DSN architecture mismatch between the controller and the application provider: The problem came up when I started trying to use pgbouncer. So I could be wrong. Harris 2 Korry Douglas 1.

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There’s a DSN error. You should try ODBCng https: Jonathan Foy The application is actually launched from a windows box via a thin client As said try to follow the above instruction.

Which ODBC driver are you using? Marco Del Corno 18 June at The application is actually launched from a windows box via a thin client Pulling my hair out Kashif Izhar 11 February at ODBCng is no longer being developed, I’m not sure that that’s the route I want to take for the future.

Marco Del Corno 11 February at Switch it back and it works.

When imported, the tables are not linked anymore and the performance increases a lot. DSN create ccobol sorry: I apologize if I don’t publish comments immediately. I’m trying to configure the postgres odbc driver with our Acucobol application 5.


Korry Douglas I would start by running strace on your application while it is trying to connect. The link in the article led to nowhere.

Acucobol, ODBC and Postgres – Grokbase

Of all the odbc entries on the system from a root level search for both odbc. And where can you get it? On Wed, Apr 7, at 4: Apr 7, ’10 at 7: DSN create ccobol DataSource: As far as I know, you need to pay for it.

I understand you had problem. Newer Post Older Post Home. The application can still parse the odbc. However, I’m fairly sure I’m pulling in the correct one, if I change the port it fails, as it should.

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Please follow the instructions on the blog. Does anyone have any ideas? Jonathan Foy Apr 7, at 7: I’m not sure how I would run it with strace.

I had it up and running acucbol the command line, but connections coming from the application are rejected due to a “bad packet header”, which seems to be because the connect packets are coming in with V2 in the data, and pgbouncer only supports V3. Is the linked server in the linked server branch on the left hand panel? Apr 7, at 7: Really can’t help you.