Various settings can be applied to a RAID. Transfer rate dips below optimal performance levels. The way I read this, one can either have an obnoxiously loud Mac Pro, or you can risk failure or malfunction of the Atto R RAID card with unknown effects on your data. Use this link to navigate to ATTO’s website: The remainder is the barely audible hum of the fans running normally, without the Atto fan controller daemon. Maybe in the future they will consider switching to a vendor that uses newer technology and has lower decibel levels at higher RPMs. It is important when performing this upgrade that you install the driver first, then do not restart the system after it installs.

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The Atto Configuration Tool initially crashed instantly every time I launched it. In addition, they support NUMA-aware applications and operating systems. It is important when performing this upgrade that you install the driver first, then do not restart the system after it installs. Do a google search for “Mac pro fan loud” — you’ll find r38 of posts on various.

Login to the site or create a login if you do not have one and then select the product and model you have. If you can not locate these drivers, or you have version 4. When the R was in the design phase, our hardware engineers considered this idea and rejected it due to research that showed even the highest quality small heatsink fan components available have extremely high failure rates, which would in turn force customers to RMA a card simply because the fan component failed.


Again, we only recommend removing the fan controller daemon if you do not have the card in the machine.

Atto R380 RAID PCI Express RAID Card

NUMA is a system design that allows multiple processors in the same server to efficiently share memory. If you are forcing a failure mode by pulling a drive, the card will refuse to use that drive again “Unavailable”. ATTO and Intel have done extensive stress and heat testing and found that setting the Mac Pro’s PCI fan to RPM provides adequate cooling and air flow to allow the RAID chip and the other components on the card to operate at the best possible performance without being damaged due to overheating.

Whether you need connectivity for direct-attached disk or tape storage, you can trust Atro time-tested RAID stack to provide you with high-performance data integrity.

Instead, update the firmware next before rebooting the system. Performance Interoperability Compare Resources. All Products Types of documents: Maybe in afto future they will consider switching to a vendor that uses newer technology r30 has lower decibel levels at higher RPMs.

Support Knowledge Base

This feature is often required for end users often need to add a level of performance or protection to a boot drive group. With Power Center Pro RAID, you can protect a boot group against drive failure, or if you’d like to achieve faster boot times, you can bundle several drives together to improve overall performance.

Mute the beep when a failure occurs. These are just a few examples of the many ways to use Power Center Pro to provide a cost-effective option that adds performance and protection to your storage architecture.


No audio user or even normal human being will find it tolerable to work with. Where X is the ID number of the drive that you want to clean. However, while booted off the card, I had multiple kernel panics while trying to clone from the booted volume to another. Attk Atto R card makes your Mac Pro a loud beast. Certain deals may last longer.

The operating temperature and recommended CFM air flow specifications are published in the R tech sheet. The Atto installer makes no mention of the noisy state in which you will find yourself once you install the driver, which installs the Atto fan controller daemon.

Anything outside of the published specification is not considered an optimal environment. The Atto R is bootable, and I tested this out several times. For more information on this issue, please see this article – Kernel Panics on Snow Leopard This was frustrating, given how long it takes to complete.

But once sorted out, everything worked well. Transfer rate dips below optimal performance levels. Updated driver and flash for the R, not about preventing corruption issue. In order to update the firmware on the cards, agto must use the latest version 3. Rebuild priority should be always be set to High to reduce the vulnerability to data loss from a second drive failure.

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