Feed the laser diode from a 10V or 12V supply not from 5V as in the diagram. Look at the light spectrum shift at higher temps. Will post it once tested. Where, in which tread, can I read about the exciting unravelling. Sign up using Email and Password. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What circuit are you using to drive the SPL, a Zetex?

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See discussion in this thread: It looks driven very well. If similarcan you tell me how to crack open a head. If one uses a shift register like the one below to get individual 2 MHz pulses from a 8 MHz clock then the timing becomes a real issue. I note Blinder is using discrete transistors for the receiver. I have just finished a 4 transistor receiver which I think will blow the mlsfet off the IC receivers as far as sensitivity and stability is concerned.

4-pcs Driver High Speed Dual MOSFET 8-soic Elantec EL7202CS 7202

I did not think Blinder operated as constant-pulse, but rather timed pulses depending on the laser gun? GIF If one can can contain the rise and fall times within say ns then a total window of ns will be required to transmit discrete sequential pulses. Then come back with a better question. So say the LEDs have ns rise and ns fall, then then highest frequency they could be pulsed would be 1 MHz.


Is it a dual-layer board, are there components on the other side? Sign up using Facebook. Jim, look at the specs of those diodes you posted there. But it still utilizes seperate firing of the diodes.

I just replace a led with it. If you find a blinderM10 please test it. Problems that can occur are CMOS latch-up, over-voltage spikes, insufficient overdrive and thermal overload.

My circuitry wont be so neat though: Adjust the pulse width to 30ns and away you go.

Reese Houseknecht 19 5. I learned how a to make a CW laser driver circuit for any laser and i know this is a lot more difficult, but any help will be much appreciated. For mission critical applications, components should be tested at an accredited test house to verify condition and authenticity.

It would be interesting to obtain the specs of the LED’s used in the blinder just for interest sake, especially the rise and fall times. This Buy It Now is for 1 amp. This is schematic of the circuit given by Roby: I just replace a led with spl which i have and after i test it with my camera. I think you’re right, thanks a LOT! Therefore, the tab may be mounted to an external heat sink or the chassis without an insulator.


pulse – First step in pulsing a pulsed laser diode – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

This is Deja Vu!!! How about making a circuit elatec us?? This gives gives a window of 1 MHz for each pulse. Useful application information are also given in data sheet of the Micrel MIC [2].

To your question to the max. This Buy It Now is for 1 amplifier. Will post it once tested. Email Required, but never shown. If you use nm LED’s the wavelength will creep up to nm if they heat up up a bit 55 deg C.