Remove any jammed paper from the inside of the paper tray well. The default setting is Normal. Obtaining Help And Information You can access the TallyGenicom world wide web server via any one of the many world-wide web browsers available to Internet users. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Status Menu Status Menu In addition to the main menus listed above, the printer also provides a status menu that allows you to view the current settings for the input and output trays and the toner cartridge. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Safety Notes About this Appendix This appendix lists important safety precautions and identifies the applicable regulatory compli- ances of your printer. Turn the printer on by pressing [ I ] on the power switch on the right side of the printer.

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Legal scroll through the available You can access the TallyGenicom world wide web server via any one of the many world-wide web browsers available to Internet ontelliprint.

Do not touch the surface of the BTR with your fingers. Do not dispose of the old toner cartridge in an incinerator or in an open fire.

To prevent stains, place the toner cartridge on some old newspaper or other disposable surface. If you can print a sheet of paper from the main tray, proceed to the next step. Correcting Miscellaneous Offset Catch Tray Problems Some offset catch tray problems may not cause an error message and may not interfere with the operation of the printer. If the problem reoccurs, By pressing intellipritn button you will print only current page. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Removing the Offset Catch Tray Squeeze the latch on the upper left of the rear cover of the printer, and pull the cover toward you to open it.



Press the tabs on the rear of the offset catch tray to release it and lift it off of the printer. Lift the paper guide and fold up the output tray.

The duplexer feeds paper without a problem. The print media does not conform to the specifications. Print out several blank sheets. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

The printer can accommodate both plain paper and other print media, and feeds paper from either intelliiprint main sheet paper tray or from the front tray, which is designed to feed special print media such as labels and transparencies. The shaded areas denote additional features and settings relevant to the Hard Disk or User Flash option.

TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL260 Adobe PS, A4

Allows you to replace the toner cartridge or remove jammed paper. Clearing an E6 Paper Jam If an E6 error code precedes the error message on the first line of the control panel display, paper has jammed at the offset catch tray. Pull the tray all the way out and lift the paper stop. Insert the pegs on the toner cartridge into the channels inside the intellipront, and push the toner cartridge into the printer. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide Genicm Printer Components Unclip the retaining tabs on the end of the feed roll and nudger roll, and remove the rolls from their shafts.

Tally Genicom Intelliprint Series

Align the holes on the bottom of the printer with the pegs on the paper feeder, and lower the printer onto the paper feeder. LED Indicators Show printer status. The printer is very heavy, and should always be lifted by two people. Lift up the paper guide and open the offset tray. The table below explains the LED indicators.


Front Cover Provides access to the interior of the printer. Installing the offset catch tray while the printer is on may damage the printer or the offset catch tray.

TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL260 User Manual

Turn the printer on by pressing [ I ] on the power switch on the right side of the printer. TallyGenicom Intelliprint mL User Guide About the Envelope Feeder About this Chapter This chapter provides all of the information necessary to jntelliprint, use, and maintain the envelope feeder, including procedures for removing paper jams.

Page TallyGenicom Ijtelliprint mL User Guide Solving Duplexer Problems If the connection between the duplexer and the printer is not intact, the duplexer will not receive power or logic commands, resulting in an inoperative duplexer Examine the printer driver settings to make sure the duplexer is available as an installed option. Safety Precautions This printer is available in either of the following power intrlliprint Click on the Printing Preferences button.

Remove any cardboard inserts and packing tape. About the Offset Catch Tray The offset catch tray is an optional output tray that attaches to the top rear of the printer and can hold up to printed sheets, and also sorts printed sheets using an offset.