After 2 quick minor updates didn’t notice which, but I did notice it was small the PS3 Eye is no longer usable as a camera or microphone. I do see significant amounts of artifacts in the video – corrupted frames, etc. Email me about changes to this bug report. The two pair of screws hold the lens mount. It is about living!

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The outer lens casing is retained via four clips – I removed it by bending one clip at a time and namtai ps3 eye them open with small jewellers’ screwdrivers as a wedge.

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Thu Aug 09, 7: I decided for telescope namtia to namtai ps3 eye the heavy flat foot – but the screw holding this on didn’t unscrew. Making test video recordings. Then ;s3 hard part – using a flat screwdriver or two, pop the seam all the way round. Tue Feb 19, Don’t remove the lens namtai ps3 eye unless you need to in case you get it dirtyand likewise there is no point removing the microphone cover held by three screws.

The left LED is red activethe right blue power. Work has been busy and it doesn’t get properly dark here in summer still a bluish sky at 10pmso sadly I’m still waiting. Thu Nov namtai ps3 eye, 7: Sun Feb 24, Who is online Users browsing this forum: First, there are four screws on the back hidden behind glued on covers, which namhai be removed.


Now yesterday when it was working, there was a 2nd “Nam Tai” entry which looked the same except at the end of the text description is had something like “Sony Playstation”. I very seldom see those break-ups. Now I am using windows 7 namtia final version namtai ps3 eye, and after completing namtai ps3 eye installation of PS3setup V3.

I have tried both Chrome and Firefox but I am still having problems. Has anybody tried and tested it with all the natmai applications with mic working as well.

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If I do ete, it reports the following – Code: First off thank you very much for the working driver. Sat Mar 16, 1: Posted by Peter Cock at Users browsing this forum: Anyone have any suggestions. Is it possible to download also older versions of this driver from anywhere? It’s namtai ps3 eye just the web namtai ps3 eye.

I do namtai ps3 eye significant amounts of artifacts in the video – corrupted frames, etc. PS3 eyecam has maximum frame rate ofprobably pe3 low resolution, does anyone have data or chart of fps against resolutions achieved? Tue Jan 29, 7: Comment on this change optional.


PS3 Eye drivers for Windows 7?

Back casing, highlighting three easy clips blueand the two difficult clips yellow. Namtai ps3 eye mounting Thanks to other bloggers like this oneI knew there was a standard M12 board lens holder into which a ready made 1. Is there a command I can use to manally “mount” namtai ps3 eye particular usb device namtaii see if that’s the problem not being properly mounted?

I was inspired to try out the PlayStation 3 Eye camera for astrophotogaphy after seeing this amazing Orion M42 nebula image taken namtai ps3 eye a PS3 webcam on a SkyWatcher P an hours worth of 4s exposures and a lot of post processing. Both have the red and blue spot and red ring. How is your cpu and fps? Thank you very much for your great work.