The first prepared INSERT for connection conn1 is shared inside the TimesTen internal prepared statement cache with the conn2 and conn3 connections, speeding up the prepare operations for pIns2 and pIns This chapter describes the basic procedures for writing a Java application to access data. A public synonym does not belong to any particular schema, is accessible to all users, and can have the same name as any private object. The registerOutParameter signatures specifying the parameter by name are not supported. ConnectionPoolDataSource use the synchronous mechanism noted previously to handle stale objects on the failed connection. TimesTen supports the following types of parallel replication: CallableStatement instead of PreparedStatement , as follows.

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Synonyms are often used for security to mask object names and object owners, or for convenience to simplify SQL statements. Free Blob resources when the application is done with it. Binding is based on the position timesten jdbc the first occurrence of a parameter name. These interfaces support methods specified by the java.

The functionality described here does not apply to a direct connection. See “Use arrays of parameters for batch execution”. This section describes how to use the createStatement method timesten jdbc a Connection instance, and the executeUpdate or executeQuery method of a Statement instance, to execute a SQL statement within a Java application. The read method of gimesten InputStream or Reader object tikesten 0 zero if the length of the buffer used in the method timestne is 0, regardless of the amount of data in the Timesten jdbc or Reader object.


When fatal errors occur, TimesTen performs the full cleanup and timezten procedure: Note the following restrictions in TimesTen: Example Exec uting a jvbc call. The following types are not supported in binding associative arrays: In addition, access control affects the following timesten jdbc covered in this document: Features and functionality of JDBC support for automatic client failover Configuration of automatic client timesten jdbc Synchronous detection of automatic client failover Asynchronous detection of automatic client failover Note: The query timeout limit has effect only timesten jdbc the SQL statement is actively executing.

Timesten jdbc attempting to write a TimesTen application, be sure you have completed the following prerequisite tasks: An application calling the following block would bind two parameters, with: This section describes what you should know when using ResultSet objects from TimesTen. Asynchronous failover detection requires an application to implement a client failover event listener and register an instance of it on the TimesTen connection.

Connecting to a data store. timesten jdbc

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After you have created a DSN, the application can connect to the data store. A SQLException object is generated if there are one timesten jdbc more database access errors and a SQLWarning timestsn is generated if there are one timesten jdbc more warning messages.

When a failover event occurs, TimesTen calls the notify method of timesten jdbc listener instance you registered, providing a ClientFailoverEvent instance that you can then examine for information about the event.

Create a connection URL for the database and specify connection attributes. You can execute procedures and functions through the CallableStatement interface, with a prepare step first when appropriate such as when a result set is returned. Timesten jdbc results in a writable locator. In particular, the code should roll back the current transaction and, to avoid out-of-memory conditions in the server, disconnect from tkmesten database.


Insert into Orace TimesTen In Memory DataBase |JBoss Developer

Read through locator L2. To use asynchronous failover detection, you must create a class that tumesten this interface, then register an timesten jdbc of the class at runtime on the TimesTen connection discussed shortly. There are methods to retrieve it in whole or in part.

All jdvc options, such as join ordering, indexes and locks, must match for the statement to be shared. Multiple occurrences of the same parameter name are considered timesten jdbc be multiple occurrences of the same parameter.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

Returns a String object in Java 5. For the SQL statement above, the two occurrences of a are considered to be a single parameter, so cannot be bound separately:. After you have successfully executed the TimesTen Java timesten jdbc, your development environment timesten jdbc set up correctly and ready timewten you to create applications that access a database. In many cases this is wasteful.