Number of Paired Devices Some Bluetooth devices can be paired to more than one phone at a time. The headset is framed by a silver bezel with a faux carbon fiber texture inside, covering both the call button and housing the small status LCD. No fit customization options are included, nor will you find any carrying bags for the headphones – either you wad them up and stick it in a pocket or leave them hanging around your neck one thing the around-the-neck style is good for when not in use. This can either be built-in, or require you to download an app. It also only emits signals that are in compliance with the international Bluetooth standard. As such, your audio is delivered in two different manners and through two different sets of speakers. Because the headset hangs front-end-up, the microphone is still pointed at your mouth and it still works for phone calls.

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The WEB does provide a solid product that has its feet firmly planted on both sides of the fence. Noise and echo cancellation, the ability to connect with two Bluetooth devices at once, and a microphone designed to sit facing the mouth whether it is worn on the ear or around the neck when being used as headphones. we;870


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Track my repair Check the status of your repair with Samsung. How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps.

Announcing the winners in our 15 Years of Mobile Nations contest! Email Samsung Shop For new and existing orders. The idea behind the WEP is really cool.

Each person can speak and be heard at the same time. Clear phone call history.

Track My Repair Follow your phone through the Samsung repair process. There are exactly three buttons and one switch on the headset: The most popular is a hook that wraps around wfp870 top of the ear. This means that you can stream audio to the headset alone if you want to listen to music in a discrete manner like in the office. First, you can simply listen to your music or podcast through a single ear using just the headset.

Dialling a number by voice Press and hold the talk button to dial a number by voice, and say a name.

Bass tones were adequate and soprano pitches came through with noticeable, but not distracting, distortion. Content Type How to Video. No results for Manuals ” “.

Select Additional Details for or Change Vehicle. Your headset produces significantly less power than eep870 typical mobile phone. The headset is framed by a silver bezel with a faux carbon fiber texture inside, covering both the call button and housing the small status LCD.


Real Service Powered by Real We;870. Once cancelled, the deal will end. Bring the headset to an authorised service centre to repair it or replace the battery. Using options during a call You can use the following functions to control your call during a call.

Samsung release WEP Bluetooth headset that doubles as headphones –

After pairing, you can connect the two devices. Appliances such as cordless phones and wireless networking equipment may cause interference with your conversation, usually adding a crackling noise. Others use a flat speaker design that rests on the outside wep780 the ear. Different materials are used for different levels of flexibility and comfort. Fix email retention time issues. Browse this site on your mobile device!

Bluetooth Mono Headset (WEP870)

The automatic switching between calls and music rounds out the package. Great deal on this! The interface to link the headset to the headphones is a standard microUSB, which is a good start. Can’t find your vehicle?

The volume control is also where I prefer it be, on the top of the headset assuming it is on your right ear.