Night owls chat

Name: Irma
Years old: 31
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Hello All I'm often awake in the small hours, for a variety of reasons which I'm sure that many are familiar with. Chat nude free I'm starting this thread for anyone in the same position. We can chat, share our 3am worries, whatever.

If you fancy popping on for whatever reason, here is the thread for all Night Owls See you later x.

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Thanks FannyCornforth someone started sma similar thread a while ago, but seems to have died. I'm awake often dark chatroom I will be popping in I expect. Good idea FannyC.

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I'm often wide awake in the early hours chat con camaras gratis if I start using my phone I'll wake up the DH who won't thank me. You might see me occasionally. Added to that woodmouse I'm never sure if getting up to do something is helpful.

So I usually toss and turn only to fall asleep an hour before I should like to get up!!

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I'm often awake in the wee small hours too. I'll pop in whenever I need a bit of company.

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DH and I have separate rooms, for a variety of reasons, one being the fact that since the menopause, Chat uk no registration am hot and restless still, after 15 years at night. He has an early morning cleaning job to supplement the pension, and rises at 3 am on some mornings! Therefore I am at liberty to use my devices whenever I desire. Splendid to see so many Night Owls already.

Night owls chat

I'll try to keep this thread bobbing along so that free state college hot phone chat doesn't get lost. Thank you for this thread. That was eagle eyed of you shandi I often have an afternoon nap, especially at this time of year. Therefore, I'm wide awake at 3 am, so I'll have a look next time to see if any other 'owls' are about. I've always been a night owl. I usually go to bed at 2. What a good topic.

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A couple of times a month I struggle to get off to sleep. Shandi Made me laugh as well. Sorry minimoon.

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Great idea! I wish you fellow night owls were here last night. It was due to my ongoing sciatica. But I promise not to whinge! Do you night owls also sleep in longer in the morning? I feel so guilty when other Grans are up and about at dawn getting on with the day. Talk to sluts think you get up when you want to.

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free fast flirting chat This discussion thread has reached a message limit, and so cannot accept new messages. Start a new discussion. Age 16, and can't be asked! Two last letters game 7. Where did you live when you were newly weds? Get our top conversations, latest advice, fantastic competitions, and more, straight to your inbox. up to our daily newsletter here.

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Night Owls of Gransnet Posts. Add comment Report. Another night owl here. Woll in when I can. We had a poster called NightOwl yonks ago - do we still?

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Good idea FC. I may well be ing you. Can we have an extra night shift vote? Great idea.

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I m often awake in the wee small hours so I ll probably see you fanny. Two last letters game 7 Where pesian chat you live when you were newly weds? Stay in touch with Gransnet Get our top conversations, latest advice, fantastic competitions, and more, straight to your inbox.

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