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My notes for a complete blind play through. OsakamitsuPosted on 07 December 19 atEdited on 08 December 19 at by Osakamitsu. Just a random mess of notes while I played the game. This is a complete walk through but only for 1 ending. And I dont know if other achievements are possible since this was a blind play through. I might go back through and make it nicer eventually. Im working on making it easier to look at. The 11 Achievements I got while making these notes: - you've got mail - looking for love local chat lines with free trials gossip girl - the gift of jab - derezzed - The internet never forgets - she needs to know - that is just a compliment - ask her anything - run greg run - you found anna Wordsmith is left barley incomplete but I never saw any words that still needed to be solved.

I don't have the photo solutions as I find girls to talk to figured them out. I've guessed every one correctly so far after a bunch of random attempts. Cheap adult sex chat Tobias - pet cat Birthday: July 18th found in photos from a photo on the cats birthday password: Jabbr to find password: 1.

Security Q 1?


Pet's name? Security Q 2? Mom's maiden name? Security Q 3? What's your favorite movie? If you go to spark and look at the conversation with Taylor she said she prefers reading and doesnt have a favorite movie. Jabbr Password: A Dogs Purpose To get the jabbr password, talk to greg, eventually bestiality chat will be able to ask him if he knows her favorite movie, he says to ask her friend ashley but to do so as Anna.

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Ashley is located in the chats where greg is. Choose Hey ashy flashy, i promise, youre sexual roleplay chat I dont want to hear about that, what my favorite movie, just want to know my friends know me, you should kno wmy favorite movie ashley, then she says "A Dogs Purpose". Inside Jabbr: Once in jabbr looks around til a corruption thing happens, then back out talk to greg and tell him she just made a post and send him the boss ross image.

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Also at this time vloggr video 2 unlocked "Oh Ashley 0and Greg ". Ashley Chat after this ashley messages after seeing your Jabbr post. Asks you to look for her watch.

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I asked where she put it. She said by the bathroom. Said I couldnt find. If you scroll up in the ashley convo you will see a corrupted text: "So I took his phone and showed champaign chat latino to him". Type "unblock".

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Then type "Invite guest", Then type "Greg Summers". You will get an image that look like a QR code for the access code. Now send this image to Greg in his chat. Greg Chat This will start a long conversation with greg where the phone will try to reset. It wants her cats long name: Tobias. Phone will Reset Then the phone resets. Wants your full name. I chose, "Cassie Hardy" since that was her moms maiden name from the her mom sent. Free chating side how old I was, I didnt remember if that info was available so I put 22 I think that's videochat gratuit. Country I put USA.

Experienced user, I chose new. Then I chose manual. Best scunthorpe sex chat backup. Do I tell the truth? Want to know death date or cause? Mind nude chat sites limbs? Press 1 for emergency then press 5 for kidnapping.

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Then go back to the home screen and click on the weird icon. Then click on chats, then Aulner chats. Aulner Chat Are you safe, who is this, you need to tune it out, Chat with sluts must reist its words, You must have seen it, You are not anna, she will be gone soon, how do i find her, fine me and you will find her.

go toopen murv, solve corruption. Solve text Corruption: "tell me your body size and I will pick the perfect dress size for you" At this time the 3rd video on vloggr unlocks "rejection it springdale sexy chat ". Go to Jabbr then go to jabbr, look at the new post and comments. This will unlock a bunch of other stuff. Go to Spark Then go to spark. Go to Greg's Chat After talking to Taylor go to the text messages and talk to Greg about their relationship.

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At this time vlogger video 4 will unlock: "I looked through his phone" Go to Spark and Talk to Taylor Then talk to taylor. Dont go to the main Greg messages go to "greg - recovered".

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Solve the image. If you solved all of the images in the photos on the phone you will also get the "Derezzed" achievement here for "no pictures are left broken. There is a photo from Yolanda. It will ring and give a al error. Instead, go to the website and click the phone that's a button to call. Wont work thai phone sex chat.

Then enter the ext: to call Yolanda. Yolanda will start texting you. Once you finish talking to Yolanda. He will send you the sex felon search website. Search for Taylor Perrera and find 6 records. Now you need his age 22 - Teen chat on his Spark profile but you don't have a location.

And none of the other people have locations on spark.


After a while Greg will message you asking whats taking so long. Not sure if this is triggered by going through all of the spark el chat estados unidos or not. Tell him you are stuck and need a location. He says to look for him on Jabbr. Go to Jabbr If you look through the Jabbr, you will eventually see posts from Taylor and one of the feeds you will see will say he is from Springwood. Go to Sex Felon Website Go back to the sex felon search and input: Taylor Perrera 22 Springwood This unlocks "the internet never forgets" achievement you see that taylor has felonies for "open and gross lewdness and lascivious asian chat line and indecent exposure and public sexual indencency.

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After talking with taylor this will trigger a bunch of greg and taylor texts in a group chat. Gregs and Taylors and you have to choose which one. I choose Taylor. I declined on accident. I chose spark date and that was wrong.

Was trying to continue not letting her know you're not great girls chat. But I selected the occupied option and she forced me into a dialog that gave me no choice. After telling her I was a kind stranger, ashley calls. Then after selecting "wish I could" and "you can help me with this" this unlocked the achievement "she needs to know".

This trigger HR text messages.

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Remember what you're here for, theres someone else? From busted, I chose yeah someone and I havent read them yet. I went to swark and det Murilo called.

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