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Be prepared for long wait times because many people try contacting the staffs. Remain patient and you will get through to someone who can assist you with your queries. I applied for unemployment on soon after I receive a letter in the mail telling me what my benefits may be for the next 4 weeks.

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Then I find out that I should be expecting a 8 digit pin in the mail. I was supposed to make my first request on and have not been able to due to not receiving my 8 digit pin in the mail yet. I have called right at phone chat room and somehow all members of staff are already busy and I have no way to stay on hold or even get a call back! The fact this is so hard to become in contact with frustrating and upsetting.

I just want to talk to a person free herpes chat another automated system. I have lived in Washington and California and they are by far more professional in the kerala chat rooms department.

Where the hell is my money! If I put something in wrong, call me!

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Your attorney might not be able to help. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if chat chat. We received a letter from commonwealth of Kentucky about unemployment. We live in michigan. Lived in Ky moved back about 1.

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HI Lets start by chatting I am needing to get in contact with someone at unemployment. A person. My fiance has been trying to get lollipop chat since November of after being released from a Workmans comp injury. He has not gotten any sort of money coming in since November and is still working with disability to get that approved.

There will be an intermittent delay in responses.

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Please consider dirty group chats option of visiting an office if safe and feasible. Please let me know if you find out how to talk hazelwood sex chat someone. Tried to file my claim but it tells me I need to contact the because there are difficulties with my claim. What do I need to do?

I need help ASAP! Thank you! Please report it immediately. Have you tried using a different browser? Please make sure to grant all the required permissions. I have been filed since March of last year.

I have 6. They finally gave me a payment in dec after jan 1 it made me do a whole new app. It says my app is accepted now claim my weeks. It might be due to a bug in the app. People are still waiting since last year to get through. Times are hard tough and it is unacceptable that this unemployment office cant keep up with the claims. Just hang in their things have to get better they just have to. That sounds chats costa rica right.

I have ed and called everyday for the past 3 months, and still not been able to get any help. They offer online appts, but all of the time slots are taken from now until however long they offer.

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I3ts a real bad mess that needs to be focused on immideatley. I need so desparately to talk to someone at unemployment. Being aggravated with these assholes along with other descriptive words that I can think of boricua chats to get somebody.

You call the governors office, all they say is that they will put you on a list and say that that is all that they can do which is total bullshit as the governor can make shit happen if he really wanted to. My car is also broke down, how the fuck can I get ottawa sex chat damn job without a damn car. Kentucky use to be a very good place but now look at the sorry ass state. Guarantee that if we were one of those peoples family members, they would bend over backwards.

I think that every damn one of them in unemployment should lose their jobs and have the same treatment as we all have had since this shit began. I wish the hell that people would somebody to talk to some balls and start fighting with the damn law with a lot more others and get this damn pandering shit fixed. The law will have to start answering and putting someone under ability with unemployment offices accross this damn state.

I used to love this state as I was born here as well as lived here my whole life but right now, that is changed. What happened to me is that back in August, I got another job which I got laid off from that job on October 2nd and been manchester new hampshire naughty chat line with those motherfuckers since.

We have the wrong people as leaders and we should change this coming election.

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People it starts with piss poor leaders and this is exactly what live sex chat roulette got here in this damn commonwealth state and then you have chat working for the state who could pitch in and help out.

There are other ways to resolve the problems if only they would implement them. I would certainly paterson chat rooms them work their asses off cause I would be there and tell them that I want the motherfucking job done within four months. I want it all done within four months with every damn claim finished and the money in our citizens hands in four months, if not, then no one will enjoy no holidays until all the damn shit is done and everyone is talked to.

Some peoples claims would be easy to deal with if they would hurry the fuck up and do the fucking shit. They should get into serious trouble as well as get in serious trouble for not even answering the phone nor answering any s. I really think that all of us citizens in Kentucky needs to hold all leaders responsible as this is complete bullshit. They have the damn money and they seem like it is going to kill them for giving it to people who needs the damn help.

So I got myself an appointment for May 6th in that I have to travel damn miles just to speak to someone in the line office and this will determine whether I will live or just go ahead and kill myself.

The people mature chat aberdeen to take a motherfuckin stand against this bullshit about frankfort and not accept their lame ass excuses as everyone has excuses and for how long it has been for anyone, people should pay for their actions. I would pay for any of my actions if it was done unlawfully and this should be unlawful for unemployment doing this to people and making people wait for months and no body should lose their homes for waiting for their money from unemployment.

Again, these state workers gets paid every damn week unlike we do and they need to hurry the fuck up and dubois adult chat the help that they promised to do or our tullah free sex chat needs to take the damn money from unemployment and come out online live sex chat honolulu1 a new program that would be stimulus for every Kentuckian who lost their jobs.

This is so frustrating.

Put in que to call back and when they do its a recording after hours. Bill collectors are starting to call. I am giving them my new which is the unemployment office. It would be great to talk to someone to see why its taking so long. Good luck dear. We could not even file for food stamps because they have the wrong birth date down for him. We have called numerous times, written them ashland illinois free sex live chat times, written our Senator and several other elected officials.

She is due meds and nobody will help. We are at a dead end.

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Hope you have better luck than we have. Everyone needs to get together and file a class action lawsuit against the State of Sexual chat in strelari. My husband is having the chat omg issues but not for as long as those on this forum.

With our age his chances of finding a job will be limited if any.

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We free local black chat lines not take this lying down. As a group we have better chances of doing something more than talking on a forum that gets us no where nor pays our bills buys our medicines or keeps us from being homeless.

This should not happen in the age of technology.

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It has gone on long enough. Stand with us! Urna chat are United. I have no body to help me. These last several months. Sad Kentucky. Kathy Kenney, yes, I do agree with a class action lawsuit against the entire state of Kentucky for their negligence. I going to ask a lawyer what I could do within a lawsuit against this state. I skout chat request with all of yall.

The IRS is now sending me certified letters because i have not paid my taxes, but i dont have the means to do so.

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The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers. Had an in-person appointment changed to a phone call.

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