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Crowdpurr lets you create customizable Live Crowd Trivia Your live or virtual crowd uses their mobile-devices to play and see live rankings! No cc required. Test your audience's knowledge! Or create a Team Trivia that pits multiple teams of players against one another! The Projector View shows live player rankings to let everyone know who's in the lead! Reward your audience with prizes and incentives boise chat rooms a high score!

Check out the Trivia FAQ. Or divide participants into teams and have a team trivia showdown! Or even a Multi-Day Free chat boxes Event with daily winners and overall cumulative winners! images and GIFs for your questions so you can ask trivia questions like, "Who is this famous person?

Show your crowd who the best teams and players are in real-time on the Projector View's Live Rankings Leaderboard. Add questions and answers, start 77095 couples chat game, pause, go back a question.

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You're in charge! Define what questions you'll ask your crowd and what answers they can choose from. You can drive your game question-by-question or use our "hands-free" Fully Automatic Mode that entirely drives and loops your game for you. Create multiple trivia games to create multi-round or multi-day trivia events. Display round winners, daily winners, and overall cumulative winners! When you're ready to show your Trivia Game to your crowd, chat randomly pop open the web-based Live Trivia Display.

It's reactive and can be stretched and full-screened to fit multiple display devices - from tablets, to HD monitors, all the way to 4K event projectors. Simply drag the Live Trivia Display chat to your display device. You can even stream it on free streaming trivia like YouTube Live and Twitch for virtual events. To your crowd simply enters your Trivia Game's URL and five-digit code into their web browser ufc chat room. No live app to download!

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Log in to learn more about additional experience types. All plans have access to Crowdpurr's comprehensive Help Center that is loaded with tutorials, quick-start videos, and helpful articles to learn the platform quickly. Check out the Crowdpurr FAQ.

The Participant Limit is how many participants may any given Experience. Once your Participant Limit is reached, new participants may not that specific Experience. To allow more participants you must upgrade to a higher plan. You may upgrade at any time and instantly raise your Participant Limit to the newly upgraded plan's limit.

You may also dallas sex free chat lines any Experience at any time to start again from zero participants. This is useful for practicing for your actual live event.

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Simultaneous Experiences are how many different experiences e. Trivia Game, Poll, Social Wall you can have created in your at the same time. Each experience will allow up to 20 participants before the experience no longer allows new participants to. Looking for photovideo denmark and sex chat can even remove experiences in order to create more. Experiences may be ran at the same time, for example, three different Trivia Games running at the same time.

Or a Trivia Game and a Social Wall. No need for participants to have a second device to follow along with the live stream.

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We offer all the beloved trivia like Sports, Celebrities, and Movies along with current and trending like Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Superbowl, and The Academy Awards, for example. All to make it super-easy and quick castro valley ca free chat line create a fresh trivia game for your audience.

And also display overall winners for an entire event! Team Mode Trivia allows your participants to choose a team to play on! Then rank performance based on individuals or teams. Or both!

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Survivor Trivia forces players to answer each question correctly or be eliminated! Similar to the popular HQ Trivia format. Fully Automatic Mode allows you to run your Trivia Games automatically with no intervention. Simply start free providence sex chat and it runs itself! Or create always-on games to run in between your live-hosted games. Schedule Start Time allows you to "Set it and forget it!

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Schedule up to one year in advance! Fully Automatic multi-round Trivia Games can be started, ran, and even go to their next round completely automatically. This allows you to create complex multi-round Trivia Games that run entirely automatically.

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Adding question media lets you ask trivia questions like, "From what movie is this famous scene? Predictive Mode Trivia allows you to set the correct kerala chat to a question after players answer.

This allows for fun trivia game formats like Majority Rules where points are awarded for players who guess the highest voted answer.

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Or for Live Sports Trivia chat players predict the next play in the game and the host sets the correct answer afterward! Or for staging live or virtual contests where participants vote on who they think will win and earn points for being correct.

Supplement your trivia questions by adding full rich-text live, clickable hyperlinks, and images. Display additional educational information to help explain your questions or correct answers after the crowd answers. Participant Lead Capture allows you to choose what trivia you want your participants to submit when ing your experiences. Fields can be optional or required. Fields shamel sex chat bradford name,address, phoneetc. All participant data can viewed on your Experience Dashboard.

Or upgrade to the Classroom Plan to export your le for later use in your CRM or marketing efforts. Learn More. Each experience will allow up to participants before the experience no longer allows new participants to.

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Further brand and customize your interactive experiences by ing your own custom logo to replace the Crowdpurr logo on the Projector View and Participant View. Image-based questions allow you to ask questions like, "Who is this famous person as a baby? Image-based questions also enhance Polls and Trivia Games by showing images. So you could ask, "What is your chat and meet new friends on our new logo?

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No need to manually type venus chat all of your questions and answers when deing your experiences! Instantly update your Trivia Game or Poll to the latest questions as your team adds questions and makes changes. Send multiple SMS Text or Notifications to your participants ahead of time to alert them your event is starting soon.

Create fun bracket-style tournaments where you set the of top-ranking players that advance! You can also advance non-ranking players to a Loser Bracket where they can keep playing. The Classroom Plan sad chat rooms features External URL options for sending players to external landing s or other websites when finishined with an Experience.

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To allow more participants you must upgrade to a chantal chat plan. Set your own Custom Access Codes for each of your experiences based on your brand or company e. Your participants enter that code or URL e.

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Custom Lead Capture allows you to add whatever type of lead capture fields you de. You can collect text, numerical, dropdown, and checkbox data. Want to know your participants' local sluts chat clifford chambers color? An employee ID? Where they ate for lunch? Their Instagram handle? Add an opt-in checkbox for ?

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